Welcome to the website of Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth. We are a non-profit organization based in the Dallas Metroplex which encompasses Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding cities. Please enjoy our site.



  • The name of the Union shall be Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth, Inc. hereafter referred to as “Association.”
  • The emblem of the Association shall be the “Sword and Scimitar” (Ada vbe Eben).
  • The motto of the Association shall be “Unity is Strength”.
  • The Association shall be a non-profit Organization.



  • To foster unity, strength, faith, as well as identity among all Edos.
  • To promote youth programs.
  • To protect and promote Edo culture heritage.
  • To develop moral consciousness among members.
  • To promote interpersonal communications and social interaction among members.
  • To provide charitable educational services and infrastructure improvement here and in Nigeria.
  • To extend our fellowship through volunteer services, and provide tangible basic essential services here in the United States of America, Nigeria, and other countries as classify.


Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth is a US, IRS Section 501(c)(3), charitable, not-for-profit, Texas Corporation.  It is a highly responsive vehicle for members of the edo community, to prosecute projects beneficial to the community.

Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth draws its membership from the edo community in the Dallas Metroplex. The edo people hail from Edo State of Nigeria. Membership in Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth is open to all edo persons, descendants, spouses, and other related persons who are committed to the mission of the association. Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth boasts membership that includes former presidents of other associations and a former chairperson of ENA. We also continue to admit new members and grow the association. Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth is one of three associations of edo ancestry in DFW. Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth continues to be a unique association!

Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth is composed of two related bodies: the House which consists of all the members of Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth, and the executives, who are elected officers of the association. The executives are drawn from House membership. The executives, with assistance from various committees, implement House decisions. These decisions are guided and shaped by Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth’s Constitution and its documented policies. Become active in this community by joining Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth. Meet some of the current members and learn more about Edo Association of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Brief History of Benin

The Benin kingdom, known as the Igodomigodo, in honor of its first ruler, Ogiso Igodo, is situated on the South East coast of West Africa. Oba Ewuare turned the kingdom into an empire (Benin Empire) about 1440 AD, after aggressive militarization and territorial expansion. At its height, the Benin empire extended from Onitsha to Ghana.

Oba Ewuare II – Reigning Oba of Benin

Benin is famous for its artifacts of iron, bronze, and ivory of which the best known is the FESTAC mask based on the head of Queen Idia. More about edo people or the Benin Kingdom in interesting detail.

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