Introduction to Member’s Benefits:

Bonafide members of the Association, who have been members for at least twenty-four consecutive months, shall enjoy the following benefits, which shall be funded, where necessary, through direct levying of other members, and payments shall be made according to a payment schedule specified in the “Schedule of Benefits”:

1. Child Birth: Each member family shall be visited by the Welfare Committee and presented with a $100 check along with a goodwill card on the birth of any child.

2. Graduation: A check for two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) shall be given to children of members on their graduation from high school and two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) for college graduates upon proof of graduation and proper notification, to be presented to recipients during the Association meeting in July or August.

3. Official Outings:

A. Each family shall be entitled to a maximum of two official outings per year, (except in the case of bereavement) upon at least a 30-day notice to members at a general meeting of the House. Such social outings will require a mandatory attendance of all members. The association shall endeavor to rally round any active member to provide the needed support in times of needs such as, ill health, bereavements, marriages etc., which may be so designated as official outings by the member.

B. Bona-fide member who do not provide a 30-days notice will be allowed to call the association members as a group to dance with the member at that event. However, this event will not be mandatory.

4. The requirement for 30 days notice for members to attend any official outing for a bonafide member may be waived in the event of a bereavement of a family member for the purpose of a wake-keeping ceremony; in which case it’s mandatory for all members to attend.

5. Non-bonafide but active members may be allowed to invite members to their functions during AOB, but however will not be entitled to all the benefits due to a bonafide member in such cases and the association Members will not be called as a group to dance with the member at that event. Such an outing is not considered mandatory on members.

6. Other benefits: Other benefits listed in the Association’s “Schedule of Benefits” are included here by reference.

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